To report a claim, please contact your carrier direct at :

Tower Hill 800-342-3407 • American Strategic Insurance (ASI) 866-274-5677
Southern Oak 877-900-2280 or 813-793-3022 • Citizens 866-411-2742 • Security First 877-581-4862

frequently asked questions

Does this change affect my policy in any way?

This change is simply one of service. All Effective Dates, Coverages and Premiums will remain the same.

Will this change impact my premium?

This change will not impact your premium.

What can you tell me about MacNeill Group?

MacNeill Group is a 67-year old Florida based company who has developed a long history of providing insurance products and excellence in service to policyholders throughout the state. For more information click here and you will be directed to the Company Profile page on our websites.

What will MacNeill do as servicing agent on my policy?

MacNeill handles all aspects of servicing and managing your policy, including making coverage adjustments, deductible changes or answering any questions you may have regarding your Florida property policy.

Will the level of customer service change?

You will continue to receive the same excellent service you’ve been receiving. Our team is dedicated exclusively to servicing USAA members and is well trained in understanding the situations and concerns that affect you as a member.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about my policy?

Our toll-free number is 1-866-351-3054 and our fax number is 1-866-307-7118. We can also be contacted via email at:

Can I still access my policy on

Yes, you can continue to view your Citizens policy from My Accounts on You can see your policy coverages and deductible. No changes can be made online.

Do I start making premium payments to MacNeill for my policy?

You should continue to send all premium payments directly to the carrier providing coverage at the address below:

ASI Overnight Payments 11001 Roosevelt Blvd.
Suite 1400
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
  Regular Payments P.O. Box 33018
St. Petersburg, FL 33733-8018

Security First Customer Service 877-900-3974
  Claims 877-581-4862
  Overnight Payments 1300 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway
Suite 300
Sunrise FL 33323
  Regular Payments PO Box 45-9025,
Sunrise, FL 33345-9025

Southern Oak Customer Service 877-900-3971
  Claims 877-900-2280
  Overnight Payments 1300 Sawgrass Corporate
Parkway Suite 300
Sunrise FL 33323
  Regular Payments PO Box 45-9020
Sunrise, FL 33345-9020

Tower Hill Overnight Payments Tower Hill Insurance Group
Lockbox Services Lockbox Number 865001
11050 Lake Underhill Rd
Orlando, FL 32825
  Regular Payments Tower Hill Insurance Group
P.O. Box 865001
Orlando, FL 32886-5001

Citizens Payments Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
P.O. Box 17850
Jacksonville, FL 32245

Click for the insurance corporation's online policy management system:

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